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Top 3 City Commuter Bikes


Drive a bike and you and your two-tire vehicle will be best buddies in no time. It lets you drive on a beautiful, sunny day without boxing you in. It’s easy to park almost everywhere and allows you to navigate in between other cars in traffic. While cars prove to be rather large investments, bike serves you just fine, if not better, than a car for the meantime.

Irbis LX 50

The chic and lean look on the Irbis LX 50 makes any driver super stylish. Irbis LX 50 is equipped with large headlights providing a great lightning when driving in the evening. This badass bike can get up to a whopping 90 km / h. The seat gives you room for two, so you can always give your friend a lift. The Irbis LX50 comes with R12 tires, allowing you driving across town or off-roading — the bike can handle it. It has a 4.78 kW two-stroke engine and an electronic ignition system. Other features include remote engine start, Tachometer, alarm, aluminium wheels and front disc brakes. The full 6 litres tank will get you 200km only.


Stylish design;

Great basic equipment;

Space for a passenger;

Good for off-road trips;


Relatively cheap.


Often minor breakages;

Increased fuel consumption.


Japanese company Honda is one of the most successful manufacturers of motorcycle equipment. The design might not be the best one, but you completely forget about that, the moment you get on this bike. You will not have to stop and get gas every 100km either because this tough buddy holds 4.6 litres of gas and gets 1.25 litres per 100 km. Heck, just get on the highway. Or maybe not, considering you can only get up to 60km/h. The motorcycle is powered by a four-stroke, 4.9-hp in-line engine with forced air cooling. HONDA DIO AF68  has a very strong frame, that will remain intact in case of an accident. Honda is all about the safety and quality.


Sturdy and reliable frame;

Minimum number of accidental breakdowns;

It’s easy to find parts;


Sturdy suspension;

Fuel efficient;

Electronic fuel injection.




Another Honda on the list. This classic bike is designed for durability and reliability, even lower fuel consumption, increased performance and quiet operation.

A 14-horsepower liquid-cooled engine is extremely efficient, and a 5.9 fuel tank helps give it long range between fill-ups, as 1 liter of gas is enough to cover 45 km.  The crisp bodywork looks great, and there’s plenty of room to share the fun with a lucky passenger.


Stylish LED headlights;

Speedy up to 125 km / h;

Automatic transmission;

Economical fuel consumption;

Great design;

Comfortable seat;

Lockable under seat storage.

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