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Top-8 best cars for women


Women love cars no less than men do, but their love is a bit different. Therefore they choose a bit different cars. For those who are interested in the topic, we’ve compiled a list of 10 cars that are great for ladies.

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Audi TT

At the sight of this little sports car, our imagination draws the image of a young and active girl who is used to be in the spotlight and can not sit still.

Peugeot 207

The new generation of urban hatchback has significantly increased in size and has come very close to the dimensions of the older model. The car has become more responsive and dynamic. And after the planned restyling, there are many interesting details that are so pleasing to women.

Mini Cooper

A small but very charismatic car with a rich history and dynamic character. Its owner can be called a truly stylish girl. In addition, it is perfectly controlled and looks great.

Toyota RAV4


The new generation of the passionately beloved crossover has become more expressive and more perfect than the previous model. It no longer looks like a car for carefree Sunday shopping and increasingly attracts the attention of self-confident, purposeful women.

Citroen C4

Despite the fact that the release of this car began in 2004, its appearance is still fresh and attracts the attention.

Mitsubishi ASX

This is just the case when the manufacturer managed to find the golden mean. It would seem that the ASX does not represent anything supernatural, but for most things, it fits very well.

Infiniti EX

A rich package, powerful engine and excellent quality of interior trim. What else do you need to feel happy?

Mercedes SLK

A compact double convertible, which became the first production car to receive a rigid convertible roof. The 2011 model finally convinced us that this is self-contained Mercedes-Benz and not a compromise for those who do not have enough money for a luxurious SL. And girls really like it! Elegant, practical, large and, most importantly, safe crossover with a plug-in all-wheel drive. This, in our opinion, is the perfect car for any modern woman.


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